I am a film enthusiast. I found out my love for film during college when I took a course in filmography. Our teacher used to take us to a theater that periodically projected classic movies, and this is how I discovered the early greats. DeMille, Méliès, Buñuel, Eisenstein, Dulac, and all the other pioneers’ experiments in the beginnings of cinematography were fascinating and left me with a desire to contribute to it. I wrote my university thesis on editing techniques, using examples from the documentaries that I produced, wrote and directed during my early years in broadcast.
    My watermark technique was  ̶  and still is  ̶  the practical applications of the Kuleshov effect. I enjoy the common challenges of making docudramas in the real world  ̶  where the script is so often turned upside down  ̶  and return to the editing suite with almost a new story, with different sets of shots and scenes that need a new meaning.
    Since I wanted more and more to be involved in all aspects of filmmaking, the transition from a producer, writer, and director to a cameraman and video editor was more than natural. I started editing
in linear editing suites, and I gradually self-learned and worked with a variety of non-linear editing programs. I worked as a one-man crew for most of the past decade, from producing, budgeting, researching, scripting, prepping the set (video, audio, and lights), filming (on few occasions operating two video cameras at once), and taking photos, to digitizing footage, video editing, creating still and motion graphics, finalizing movies to discs (DVD and Blu-ray), making and managing on-demand video formats, creating designs for print and digital media, managing social media and websites, providing customer support, and dealing with marketing and computer/network/cloud tasks.
    I like to wear many hats if I'm offered the challenge. I have an innate chameleonic ability to adapt to any task at hand, either on the creative side or technological part of media production, and meet the deadlines in a timely manner. I am made for this.

Marcel Gongea
Colorado, USA